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Welcome to our YouTube Channel

"Sharing my Cooking, Culture and Heritage"


Chef Annie Cooking at her Outdoor Kitchen

What is this channel all about?

Welcome to our channel called "Cooking with The Nguyens"

My name is Annie Nguyen (Chef Annie), owner of The Nguyen's Vietnamese Family Restaurant in Guelph, Ontario.

We started posting videos in 2020 with the purpose of sharing my Vietnamese cooking, culture and heritage. Not only that I love to cook but mostly I love to inspire people in my community.

Our channel is inspired by my family, friends, my team and customers. Without your support I won't be able to continue creating videos.

You'll see how I cook, how I interact with people in our community and how I appreciate life in general. But you might ask where I still find time to create YouTube videos? It's my way of expressing myself in a different form of media.
Telling my story and sharing stories of amazing people I meet along the way. So let us take you on a journey where we will transport you to Vietnam with our videos.

Watch and relax and join us as we venture to a new season with Cooking with The Nguyens with me!!!

Annie's Kitchen Logo_edited.jpg

My Outdoor Kitchen - Built in 2020 during the pandemic (Covid-19 era)

Written and Performed by John (first customer when our restaurant opened in 2015

Do you want to share your STORY and be a part of our channel?

If you have a story to tell and you'll want to inspire and educate our viewers, let us know and let us collaborate to make it happen.

Pablo Suarez
PR Manager | Marketing
(519) 760-3220

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