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Welcome to our YouTube Channel

"Sharing my Cooking, Culture and Heritage"


What is this channel all about?

Our channel is called "Cooking with The Nguyen’s".

I created this channel with my team for the purpose of showing my deep appreciation with my Vietnamese Cooking, Culture and Heritage. My passion for cooking will be in full display with my videos. I know that everyone has a story to share, and this is my story. I hope you’ll journey with me as I cook for you. I also love to do gardening and having an outdoor kitchen called "Annie’s Kitchen" in my backyard is a dream come true! 

Our beautiful City of Guelph is more laid back compared to other cities that’s why in some of my videos I try to show the beauty of our city like nearby trails, parks, downtown and local farms. 

This is my way of connecting to the community and to show you my deepest gratitude for your continued support to

The Nguyen’s Vietnamese Family Restaurant.

So relax and enjoy it and feel free to share and leave a comment. Let’s COOK !!!

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