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An article about The Nguyen's Pad Thai

Andrew Coppolino of Kitchener is the author of “Farm to Table” and co-author of “Cooking with Shakespeare.” He is the 2022 Joseph Hoare gastronomic writer-in-residence at the Stratford Chefs School. Follow him on Twitter at @andrewcoppolino.

Welcome to The Nguyen's Vietnamese Family Restaurant

"Learn more about us through our customers"

Consistently fantastic! Nguyen's is always fresh and so delicious. The vegetarian tofu banh mi (sub) is one of my favourite meals in Guelph - vegan option available without butter.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is lovely with tons of plants around and great service. I have also gone to Nguyen's for catering - lots & lots of tofu spring rolls - the price was great.

Vegetarian options: Homemade vegan chili oil, tofu spring rolls, noodles with veggies, tofu banh mi (can be vegan, ask for no butter). Very accommodating for vegan substitutes.

- Emily P.

Fantastic Family operated Vietnamese deliciousness. Friendly decor, great service and low prices. Momma Nguyen even runs her own cooking courses on her website. Eat here and be happy. Highly recommended.

- Peter Z.

Ordered the Vietnamese soup, nice spice level. Very good with lots of noodles and beef & pork. Well worth the price for the dish. Even was offered a cup of green tea as I waited :) classy move by the staff. That is some good customer service, not seen too often anymore. Definitely a place I'll order from again.

- Joseph H.

I had never had Bahn Mi before coming here and I decided to try their pork belly sub. It was one of the best sandwiches I had ever had. It tastes so light and fresh and the pork belly is delicious. I was thinking about it all week before I went back to get another one! I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a delicious light meal :)

- Grace C.

First time at Nguyen's Vietnamese restaurant and it was great.
I ordered for take out for the whole family and they all loved it.
The staff was friendly, helpful and got my order right.
Very fresh and delicious food.
Fully recommended

- Juan S.

Moved up this way from the GTA and was sad I couldn’t find an authentic Vietnamese restaurant until I came to eat at Nguyen’s with my family. Everything we tried was full of flavour and made just right! We ordered the fresh shrimp rolls, beef noodle soup, grilled pork/chicken egg and beef stir fry vermicelli… the restaurant ambiance was cozy, friendly and the hospitality we received was amazing.. we will definitely add this to our favourite places to eat. No food photos to share as the aroma from the food made our mouths watery and we just dove right in. Next time

- Osi A.

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Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

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