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Have you tried our pho at our restaurant yet? Looking to make your own authentic pho broth at home? Our Dry Spice Mix Kit for Pho Broth is exactly what you need! This is the same pho broth we use at The Nguyen's Vietnamese Family Restaurant. Made with high-quality, aromatic spices and herbs, this kit includes everything you need to create the perfect broth in the comfort of your own kitchen. Simply add the mix to your broth ingredients and let it simmer for hours to develop a rich and delicious flavor. With easy-to-follow instructions, this kit is perfect for both experienced home cooks and first-time pho makers alike. Try it today and experience the taste of Vietnam on your dinner table.

:SHIPPING cost subject to change depending on the exact location. The amount is based for GTA only.

5 Dry Spice Mix Kit for Pho Broth (shipping included)

SKU: 628451794080
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